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no white sand. no turquoise water. no celebrities. no models. four decades of diluting Corona’s ethnicity has given the brand an identity crisis. people have simply forgotten it’s a mexican import. so we built a new platform to reclaim its soul. this is corona’s first work acknowledging its roots. being bicultural can be a source of shame for many americans. we reject that. we reimagined a classic american song to impart cultural nostalgia and empowerment. we endeared ourselves to the community by evolving Corona’s tagline, “la vida más fina (the fine life),” to “la vida más fina, es Nuestra (the fine life is ours)." the integrated effort features tv, social, and radio.

agency: mullenlowe l.a.

ecd's: laura sampedro and carlos alija

cds: dave estrada, daniel g milan

cw: jake altman

ad: morgan klein

production company: stink 

director: leo aguirre

above, director's cut

below: broadcast version

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